Automatic loading and unloading system

Kimla Storage System automated loading and unloading system. 

The Storage System was designed to maximize the efficiency of laser cutters. 

The structure of the Storage system consists of a rack in which sheets are stored, a system that takes the sheet from the warehouse and transports it to the cutting table, and a system that collects the cut elements and puts them on selected shelves on the rack. The compact design of Kimla Storage System allows for the expansion of additional storage shelves. The storage system in conjunction with the Kimla laser works automatically, eliminating the need for human labor when loading sheets and unloading cut elements. During laser operation, the operator can quickly and conveniently control the system and optimize the material flow,

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Kimla Laser Loading and Storage System
Kimla Auto Loading System
KIMLA 2x6m Laser with Loading and Unloading system 3rd pallet