Fiber Laser Options

Kimla Auto Loader

Kimla Storesystem automated loading and unloading system. The Storesystem device was designed to maximize the efficiency of laser cutters. The structure of the Storesystem consists of a rack in which sheets are stored, a system that takes the sheet from the warehouse and transports it to the cutting table, and a system that collects the cut elements and puts them on selected shelves on the rack. The compact design of Kimla Storesystem allows for the expansion of additional storage shelves. Storesystem in combination with a Kimla laser works automatically, eliminating the need for human work.

KImla Fiber Laser Head

Touch Scanner

The touch scanning head is used, inter alia, to scan details in order to make duplicates or enter into the computer memory for further processing. The optional scanning head is an indispensable equipment of the machine for more demanding projects. The measuring probe placed on the laser gate will automatically scan the finished detail and duplicate it, which will significantly shorten the project preparation time. This scanner is simply irreplaceable when duplicating projects with very complex shapes.

Kimla Fiber Laser cutting tube

A special type of palette, used in the Kimla fiber laser, with an additional steering axis. It allows for cutting out shapes and cutting pipes with diameters up to 200 mm. The maximum length of the tube depends on the laser model (3,000 mm for the LF1530). The pipe to be cut rests freely during the cutting process, with no system of grips that block the possibility of cutting at the pipe ends. Thanks to this, it can be cut without unnecessary waste.

Kimla Nozzle Cleaning

The optional nozzle magazine makes it easy to store all the nozzles needed to work with various sheets, and the automatic replacement of the nozzle and its cleaning significantly improves the process of preparing the laser for cutting.

Kimla Fiber Laser Shuttle Table

The innovative, proprietary three-pallet system enables the use of fast fiber lasers without unnecessary waste of time for reloading the cut materials. During laser operation, the operator has the option, in addition to the automated cycle of reloading of the cut sheet metal sheets, also to manually load and unload elements from the third pallet.

Kimla Fiber Laser with Printer

The automatically lowered marking head allows for quick signing of sheets before cutting them, thanks to which the subsequent identification of details automatically laid out on the sheet by integrated nesting is not a problem. The print head marks details with an ink that can be easily cleaned afterwards without leaving any trace of the marking.

Kimla Control System

Desktop with Control Computer

The console placed on the arm and attached to the CNC machine replaces the previous solution in the form of a control cabinet and has a more ergonomic design. The desktop includes: an industrial PC computer, which is the interface of the machine, along with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, while the controller, inverter, etc. in this case they were transferred to the machine body.