Lower waterjet prices

The professionalism and competences of Kimla are related to the fact that, unlike other manufacturers, Kimla produces most of the components for its machines itself.
The need to learn and master all the technologies necessary in the production of mechanics, electronics and software allowed for the accumulation of vast knowledge and experience in one company.

This is the key to much lower prices than their Western counterparts.
The vast majority of manufacturers of this type of machine tools are companies that only assemble ready-made components.
In this situation, 30-40 companies supplying components must earn on the machine, and in addition such machines are full of compromises because the standard components do not always fit together perfectly and you often have to choose the so-called lesser evil.

The Kimla company produces most of the components itself. 4-5 companies (spindles, bearings, guides, pumps, etc.) earn on one machine, which allows for a significant reduction in costs. In addition, the issues of service are also of considerable importance. When the western machine breaks down, a service technician comes, who often after a week of training begins to repair the machine he sees for the first time. The service technician, machine distributor, manufacturer-assembler and finally the company that produced the component must earn on such a repair.

The Kimla company does not make money on service customers. Of course, the service costs money, but it only covers the expenses and does not generate income. Often, the repair of the same defect costs 10 times less than a similar defect in other machines. Kimla earns money from the production of machines and therefore prefers the customer to buy another machine, and not earn money on each service.

Kimla has customers who have several or several dozen machine tools. Selling one machine may be a coincidence, but when a customer buys another, he is surely guided by the previous cooperation.
The Kimla company equips all Waterjets with pumps and heads from the American company Accustream.
Accustream does not manufacture machines. They put all their energy into the development and improvement of pumps and Waterjet cutting heads. This results in a very quick expansion on the market, and in terms of operating costs, they turned out to be the cheapest company on the market. Why? Other companies have an extensive distribution network and the costs of spare parts are burdened with the margins of the entire chain of intermediaries, and in Kimla’s offer, Accustream parts are at factory prices.

The Kimla company offers spare parts for other machines. Just like hundreds of companies, they produce and offer spare parts for Mercedes, BMW, Fiat and Toyota. Only under such conditions, manufacturers of these machines will offer parts for their machines at reasonable prices. In the automotive industry, a spare part of a manufacturer of a given brand can become cheaper several times only because the production of this part is started by another manufacturer. This is the invisible hand of the market.