The rigidity of the CNC machine tool

A very important parameter of cutting machine tools is their rigidity. Unfortunately, there are no infinitely rigid machines because there are no infinitely rigid construction materials, but the stiffness problem should always be prioritized. Why increase the resolution of the drives and use precise ball screws when, under a small load, the head tilts by a value many times greater than the resolution of the drives.

Aluminum profiles are nowadays used quite often in the construction of light CNC machines. It is true that to make a simple amateur plotter, all you need is an aluminum saw, a few screwdrivers and a drill, but such a machine does not represent much of itself. The straightness of the feeds depends on the accuracy of the profile pressing, and the accuracy of the angles from the saw that is cut, in addition, such constructions are bolted with hundreds of screws and therefore prone to loss of geometry stability.

Most professional cutting machine toolsit is made of steel and cast iron, which is also the case with our machines. All of them are built on the basis of a solid, monolithic, steel structure with a box structure ensuring maximum stiffness at a relatively low weight. Components with complex shapes responsible for the rigidity are cast iron castings subjected to annealing and annealing, and all elements responsible for accuracy are machined on precise CNC machining centers and grinders.