Tooling Machine Options

Touch Scanner

The touch scanning head is used, among other things, to scan parts for duplicates or to enter into computer memory for further processing. It allows you to scan uneven surfaces and take into account its deflection when executing projects. It can be used additionally as..

It has a strip shape and is usually mounted on the machine table. Works with spindles equipped with the possibility of automatic tool changing. It can contain from several to several dozens of sockets for CNC tool holders. The standard solution for the BPF series includes the tool positions.

Usually mounted horizontally under the machine door. It can contain from several to a dozen sockets for CNC tool holders. Tool replacement occurs faster than in line warehouses due to shorter travel times to the tool change point.

Additional synchronous head, allowing threading holes with machine taps.

Kimla Router Cutting MDF

The spindle cover is mounted on the Z-axis. Especially useful for wood and wood-like panels and glass-epoxy laminates. It reduces dust, which improves working conditions and increases the service life of the machine’s drive and drive components. The tool is automatically raised to replace, but it is also possible to manually adjust its height.

T-Groove Table

Table type, used in Kimla milling machines. Made of aluminum panel in which grooves are placed, in the form of an inverted letter “T”, in which special nuts are placed, in which the mounting screws are screwed. In this way, you can attach vices, dedicated handles, as well as the material itself.

Hybrid Table

The table is made of HPL, in the same way as a vacuum table, but with an additional section of t-groove panels. Thanks to this solution, on the same table we can fix the material with a vacuum, as mechanically.

Rotary Table

The vacuum table is made of waterproof HPL material. The vacuum area can be flexibly adjusted thanks to the modular table design. The design of the table allows the use of accessories for vacuum fixing of SCHMALZ components. Becker’s standard vacuum pump with a capacity of 250 m3 per hour allows for strong fastening of even small parts. Vacuum tables are ideal for fixing and processing wood materials and wood-plated panels as well..

Linear Drives

The type of drive used in Kimla machines, characterized by its direct transfer, without the participation of gears and the conversion of rotational to linear motion. Such a drive consists of a magnetic path, located on the body of the machine, as well as an electromagnet generating an electromagnetic field. Thanks to this solution, the drive does not consume..