Waterjet control

The Kimla company has introduced the latest version of the integrated control system to the Waterjet cutters .

The latest software includes CAD, NEST, CAM, CNC modules and allows you to prepare the cut in a dozen or so seconds, all without the need to use any external computer and software.

All you need to do is load a .dxf file, select the type and thickness of the material, and the software will generate the path completely automatically, including sorting, common cutting lines and precontouring, automatically select the lengths and speeds of pierces and optimize the dynamics of the machine’s work to specific thicknesses.

This breakthrough software is very easy to use, intuitive and efficient, based on user reviews of different machines who pointed out the most useful software functions they used. It is the many years of experience of the Kimla company, together with the experiences of users of water cutting machines, that have resulted in such an efficient and multifunctional control system that uses the power of water to the maximum.