Waterjet Pump

Characteristics of the amplifier pump:

  • modern pressure amplifier with symmetrical gaskets in high-pressure cylinders, which reduces the range of components when replacing seals,
  • unthreaded cylinders for which pins have been used,
  • ceramic pistons – as standard,
  • capacity – 4.16 l/min, allowing to cut the tube to 1.02 mm,
  • no water abstraction before starting the machine,
  • low-pressure piercing function,
  • remote or local control,
  • very easy access to all parts during maintenance or repair

Independent, external cooling system
The pump is equipped with an external oil cooling system working in a closed circuit, which significantly reduces water consumption, which is consumed only for the cutting process. This also allows the heat exchanger to be brought out, which reduces space and noise. It is also possible to recover energy from the cooling system for heating purposes.

4.16 liters / min at 50 kM and 4150 bar
Most pumps with a power of 50 hp and a pressure of 4150 bar have an expense of 3.8 l/min. Thanks to the modern oil design of the adjustable pressure and variable flow paddle pump, Accustream pumps have achieved an expense of 4.16 l/min at 50 hp, while increasing the energy efficiency of the pump.

No threaded cylinders – pin
Most pressure amplifiers have threaded cylinders that are expensive and impractical. They often bake, and this leads to the need to replace not only the cylinders, but also the body elements that work with them. This increases operating costs. Accustream pumps use pins and unthreaded cylinders. In the case of broken pins they are easy to replace and very cheap. This significantly reduces operating costs.

Larger diameter cylinders
The cylinders used in KIMLA machines have a much thicker wall, which actually increases their service life. As a result, the cylinder is characterized by greater fatigue life.