Welcome to 2021!

It was more of a celebration of the end of 2020 than the beginning of the new year.

With that business owners need to start planning the new year and the manufacturing forecasting required.

Did you find that It’s time to replace “old Betsey”?  How about getting that new machine to allow you to better compete in your market?

The worst thing possible is to get that large order and then wonder how you’re going to complete it. Not exactly the time to order a machine and have to wait for delivery. This could put you in a very poor condition with your customer.

How about finding out that your machine failed and repair parts are on backorder. I see too many companies with their eggs in one basket.  You don’t want to be that company that fails due to the extended wait.

Time to be pro-active! The US government has provided a fantastic financial benefit that can help with these upgrade/replacement costs. Section 179. 

How does this help me?

Section 179 allows you to receive a tax credit for a percentage of the cost of equipment purchases in the current year.

True it has to be installed prior to December 31 so you’re out of luck for 2020 but preparing now will allow for a much more profitable 2021. 

Imagine spending the maximum allowed $2,600,000 and getting $910,000 as a tax credit! It’s possible but depends on your tax bracket.

Here is another example from the Section 179 web site https://www.section179.org/

Don’t wait! Get your machine installed and ready for this years orders. Considerable business was put on hold last year and the dam is surely going to break. Don’t be the company that can’t meet the increased demand and turns away work.

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